Denim Jackets For Those Less Cold Winter Days

Denim Jackets For Those Less Cold Winter Days

It’s obviously still the middle of winter and temperatures should be dropping towards -20 degrees Celsius but for some reason Toronto weather hasn’t been so stable these days. Yesterday it was 8 degrees, this morning it was 10 degrees but apparently it’s going to drop till -13 degrees this weekend, then rise again next week. Like, Toronto weather, please make up your mind! Fluctuating temperatures are so hard to dress for, so this post is dedicated on denim jackets that you could wear during winter when it isn’t too cold.

Denim shearling jackets have been making a huge comeback this season (along with every other fur-related products), and can be worn super easily and casually as well. My favourite denim shearling jacket is from Aritzia and I basically wear it with everything – skirts, jeans, wide pants, and sometimes (if I’m really lazy) sweatpants. Other than my Aritzia jacket, I’ll leave some of my other favourite jackets below as well!




Aritzia Wilfred Free Hartnett Jacket   – they’re saving a sale right now, so perfect time to get it! 

#1 Forever 21 Faux Fur Denim Jacket

#2 Levi’s Ex-Boyfriend Sherpa Trucker Jacket

#3 Isabel Marant Cassy Embroidered Denim Jacket with Studs

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