Punta Cana Vacay

Punta Cana Vacay

Now that it’s officially 2018, happy year new! I hope everyone had a great winter break so far and is slowly getting ready to get back to school and work, even though we all wish the holiday season could last longer. I wrote about half of my trip in Punta Cana on my previous blog post, so I thought I’d finish it up here.

On Christmas day, we had breakfast at the buffet and headed to the beach to play some games with other people staying at Majestic Elegance. The resort had a wonderful entertainment team and they always worked so hard to make fun games, put on great shows, and interact with guests. After having lunch at the beach because they had a special buffet for Christmas, we went to the pool for a swim and a drink at my favourite swim up bar. We had dinner at the steakhouse and I got the tuna tartar and BBQ ribs! After dinner, the resort had a Michael Jackson themed night show and the music, singing, and dancing was all so fun to jam to! In the final picture, I’m wearing a total American eagle outfit! Both my pink off the shoulder top and black jean skirt are from AEO.

For the last few days I stayed there, we got up really early to see the sunset, except it was a bit cloudy in the morning (even though it cleared up in a few hours). It was still a beautiful view though – totally worth getting up early for! I got to sun tan by the beach, go boogie boarding (the waves were sometimes quite strong), ate delicious food, and saw some really good and funny shows at night!

Almost every night before the final show, they have more live music in the majestic elegance plaza and the entertainers always invite people to dance with them. I’ve never really danced before but both Fifi and Sandi guided me really well throughout both times I danced.

One of my favourite shows during my stay was the Latin Music show, which showcased different kinds of Latin music and dancing. The singers, dancers, and musicians were all so talented and it was a great way to end a day!

No joke, I honestly had the best time at the Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana! It was such a great experience being in a sunny, warm country during the freezing cold winter. I can’t wait to (hopefully) go back someday and maybe try some more activities like scuba diving and stuff as well. I hope everybody had a great winter break!


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