Winter at Punta Cana

Winter at Punta Cana

Happy holidays, guys! I’ve been waiting so long for the holidays to come (and mainly for school to take a break) but it’s finally here and I’m going on vacay 🙂 Going to a sunny, warm place during winter has been one of my dreams for so long and I’m so excited since we’re going to Punta Cana and staying at the all-inclusive resort, Majestic Elegance.

At the Punta Cana airport, there was already a bus waiting there for us and a few other people going to the same resort as well. It is only a 20-30 minute bus ride and the tour guide was super energetic and funny too. When we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted by a bunch of people and were offered a refreshing drink right away. I felt like I was in paradise already! We were so hungry because of the early flight, so we went to the buffet for food asap. It was delicious 🙂

We checked into our rooms and relaxed a bit inside before changing and heading out. The room was wonderful because there was a jacuzzi and refreshments inside already. The refreshments get refilled every day, along with free snacks as well. The best thing about all-inclusive hotels is that you don’t have to pay at all while staying at the hotel unless you want to do something that’s not included in your package. You can ask for unlimited drinks and food during your stay! I’ve been here for 4 days but I think I’ve asked for at least 10 pina colada by now.

We headed out soon for the beach and it was beautiful. I decided to wear my reversible bikini from La Vie en Rose, and although it is a bit pricey for a bikini, it’s worth it because the quality is great. The weather was perfect and the water was different shades of blue and there were palm trees everywhere! After taking a dip in the water, we headed off to the pool for more relaxation and swimming. By then, the sun was setting and it got a bit chilly, so after hanging out for about 2 hours by the pool, we went inside to get changed and have a delicious dinner at See and Sea. We ordered 2 appetizers, grilled lobster, and lobster enchilada, and it was all so good!

Majestic Elegance has a bunch of live music and different shows going on in the evening, but we were so tired after the early morning flight and everything, we decided to just head back to our room and call it a night.

The next morning, we were planning on waking up super early and watch the sunrise, but that clearly didn’t happen! We ended up waking up past 8am and headed out for breakfast after 9. We went to the breakfast buffet and totally over ate but no regrets! After breakfast, we went to the beach in the morning and went to the Zumba class on the beach at noon. It was actually really fun and being on the beach while dancing just made it 100 times better 🙂 I decided to put on my watermelon bikini I ordered on Wish today and it was super cute. It was really cheap so I was a little worried but it was surprisingly good quality for the price!

The resort doesn’t do this every day but they were having a foam party in the afternoon at the pool, so we decided to go check it go. It was actually so lit and the pool was flooded with so much foam! They had Spanish music on and everyone was dancing and drinking from the swim-up bar – we had such a good time.

After the party ended, we chilled by the pool for a bit and then headed to an Italian restaurant for dinner. We both ordered spaghetti and, of course, it was tasty! I wore a blue off the shoulder dress from Abercrombie and Finch, and I loved it because it gave off a summery feel and it was knee length, so it wasn’t too casual either (sorry for the blurry outfit pics!)

On Christmas Eve, we had the same routine – eat breakfast, go to the beach and pool. I was actually debating on trying a scuba diving course but decided to save that experience for next time because I was having so much fun and surprisingly wasn’t bored at all! The resort served a special 4-course meal for Christmas Eve dinner and everything tasted amazing. I wore my most formal dress that I packed. It’s from RW & Co, it’s a little short but the fabric is so nice and I love the shade of pink.

I think I’ll do the last few days of my trip on a different blog post because this is already quite long! Bye for now 😉


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